Signature Frame Machines

Signature Frame Machines manufactures the highest quality frame machines on the market. Their equipment is all American Made, using American Steel. Every single product they manufacture is designed, tested, and manufactured to perform beyond expectations. That is why we chose to only offer their frame machines, they are a proven brand that makes high quality products that is American Made. You won't find another Frame Machine that is made in the U.S that can compete with theirs. 


Each machine has its own features and exceeds the OEM call outs when it comes to platform specifications, pulling power, lift power, and more. Every machine offered is rated at 10,000 PSI, and 10-Ton pulling power. A Signature frame machine is an auto body shops dream to have. Auto body repair is not an easy task, and making sure you have the correct equipment to get the job done is a must. That is another reason we chose Signature Frame Machines. 

To receive a quote on the following Machines please call in and we will get you what you need!

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Machines Offered:

  • 20' American Freedom
  • 22' American Freedom
  • 20' American Freedom GT
  • 22' American Freedom GT
  • 22' American Freedom GT MAXX
  • 24' American Freedom GT MAXX
  • 18' American Freedom Tilt
  • 20' American Freedom Tilt
  • 22' American Freedom Tilt
  • 20' Signature Hybrid 
  • Mobile Shop Cart (5-ton pulling tower)