22' Signature American Freedom GT 2, 3, or 4 Tower

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American Freedom GT Frame Machine 2 Tower

The American Freedom GT is a powerhouse, that is equipped with all of the necessities a frame machine needs. Sitting at 92 Inches wide, and 22 Feet long, this beast will be more than enough machine to work on those big jobs. It was designed to work on vehicles all across the board. Whether you are repairing a big Dually, or a small unibody vehicle the 12,000 pound lift capacity will handle them all. 

You will increase your productivity with this machine. Set up time is quick and easy, allowing you to get jobs in and out faster then ever before. This frame machine comes almost 100% assembled from the factory, all you need to do is remove your shipping brackets, plug in your cabinet and you are ready to go!

This rack is an Electric over Hydraulic frame machine, which allows you to stand farther away from the machine when making a pull. The hand held switch is simple to use, and it gives you full control of your repairs. With electric over hydraulic you will have more consistency in the pulling process, that allows you to keep a close eye on where you need to be.

Each tower is equipped with a shut off valve which gives you the ability to make multiple pulls in the same area. If you have two towers in one spot pulling, and one pull is far enough, simply turn the shut off valve to the correct position. This will prevent anymore pressure to build in the cylinder, but it will maintain its psi. Now you will be able to pull farther with other tower until you have reached your desired position. 

Platform Length: 22 Feet (Can custom build other lengths as well.)

Platform Width: 92 Inches

Length with towers extended on each end: 26 Feet and 11 Inches

Width with towers extend on each side: 12 Feet and 6 Inches

Each Treadway Width: 28.5 Inches

Gap Between Treadways: 35.5 Inches

Loading Height: 12 Inches

Working Height: Starts at 12 Inches, and works its way up to 42 Inches. Has seven different working heights.

Hydraulics: 10-Ton Cylinders, Machine is Electric over Hydraulic. 10,000 PSI cylinders, hoses, and pumps.

Tower Configurations: Options of 2, 3, or 4 towers. Can add more if desired.

Tie Down locations: 222 tie down locations spaced evenly throughout machine.

Lift capacity: 12,000 Pounds

Made in the USA!

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